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Social Media and Teens Are A Bad Mix

If you ask me, it is best if your teen is not on social media at all. That is just my two cents, and you can take it or you can leave it. I really don’t see the benefit of it until they are 18-years-old. People are very strange these days, and you have to protect your child at all costs. It is important to remember they are not your friend. You are their parent, and they are your child. With this in mind, they need to learn how to develop real friendships with real people in the real world. After all, they do go to school. Because they go to school, that is where they should be making their friendships and it is where they should be connecting with other people.
There are too many dangers online with social media. Now, if they want to use the computer for looking things up online for school or watching educational videos, I fully support that. However, there needs to be a strict time limit and when that time limit is reached, they need to stick to it and they need to know you mean business. Now, I’m not saying you need to scare your child or make them afraid of you. There is a big difference between respect and them being afraid of you.

If they respect you, they love you and they know that the rules are the rules. There is no getting around them and there is no wiggle room. Online, there are many overage men and women looking to prey on younger children, especially teens. Teens today can be very vulnerable and they can be very naïve in many senses. They have not been exposed to the dangers of the world and all of that bad that is in it. They are too young to be exposed to that just yet.

As a parent, you have to let them know they can be online, but if someone is really a friend from school or in real life, you will need to know their parents and they will come over. It shows they are a true friend and someone they can really count on in the long run. This is not just some random stranger that is looking to come over and spend time or meet them somewhere. I don’t see one benefit to social media for a teenager. I see a lot of downside, as they don’t know how to relate to others, communicate with others, and really deal with them in real life.

Online is not real, but it can become very real if people use it for the wrong reasons, especially teens. It is why it is especially important to make sure they stay off social media and they have their heads in the right place. It will ensure they are happy, healthy, and living a good life. After all, it is all any parent wishes for their child as they grow up to become adults and productive members of society.

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