My name is Julia Smith, and I am a mother of three: two girls (ages 17 and 8) and a boy (age 12). Being a parent has been quite the ride. I have had so many different kinds of experiences as all parents do. But one of my favorite things has been my group of parent friends. We started going on for dinners together one Friday of the month. There was 7 of us: myself, my husband, two couples, (one heterosexual, one lesbian couple) and a single father. We would get a few babysitters, pile all of our kids up at one of our homes with the babysitters, and go out to eat together.

These dinners quickly became an event I looked forward to all month. I loved the sense of comradery among us. If one of us was having a problem with one of our kids, we would all quickly help out with advice from our own parenting experience. We all took turn babysitting for each other. We would all go out together: just us adults and also family-friendly outings with the kids.

A few months ago, some of us decided to get together and start a blog. The goal of the blog is to provide a place for parents to share their parenting journey, laugh together, cry together, and maybe learn a little something from each other.

So have a look around the website. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any question, and also, don’t forget to submit a guest post about your own parenting experience.